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Miniature Pinscher

Posted on Mar 24, 2013 by in Breeds by category, Breeds by name, M-O, Toy dogs | 0 comments

What's my history?

OK, let me first of all clear up a long standing confusion about us. We are not a miniature Doberman. That’s not meant to be a slur on the Doberman – it’s a fine breed of dog. It’s just that we’re a Pinscher. The fact that the Doberman is formally a Pinscher doesn’t mean the logic follows for us. Although paintings show that our heritage extends way back, we have little documentation to back that up. Our mix is probably the German Pinscher combined with the Dachshund and possibly the Italian Greyhound. It is likely that one of our early roles wold have been a farmyard ratter across rural Europe.

What do I look like?

We’re affectionately known as the ‘King of the Toys’. We’re small but sturdy and with a very graceful walk. It’s all in the gait you know – we were made for the catwalk (why can’t it be called the dogwalk!). It’s like a high step, hackney walk. We can be found in several colour tones, although they typically variations on either brown/tan or blue/tan.

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