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English Bulldog

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What's my history?

Right me ol’ mucker, listen up. I’m da boss around here. Call me ‘the guvnor’. I’m from Eng-er-land, Land of Hope and Glory, Cool Britannia and all that. I represent the indomitable spirit and determination that made us rule the waves. Nowadays, we’ll be lucky to rule the bleedin’ sun loungers with our Union Jack beach towels. Mind you, we did put on a right good show with those Olympics. But don’t even get me started on football. 1966 – ‘cor blimey! One more thing, I used to fight bulls in my earlier days, I won’t lie to you. But that’s been bred out of me, got it? I’ll be more likely to break up a fight than start one. We’re pacifists now.

What do I look like?

I’m not exactly built for speed but I can take care of me-self in a headwind, know what I’m sayin’? Don’t call me shorty either – I’m compact. My head is pretty massive, as is my chest, but my legs are designed to keep me close to the ground. And I know you think I’m pretty miserable. That’s my upturned jaw me ol’ mate. Nothing I can do about that. I’m smilin’ on the inside, make no mistake.

What do I need from you?

London is where I’m at. The East End is my stomping ground. Understand this, in those parts you need to look tough, act tough – know what I’m sayin’? So get me a nice heavy gold chain for me ‘ol neck and I’ll be well happy. I like a good walk like the next fella, but don’t think we need to spend all day out there – I’ve got stuff to be getting on with back indoors.

What I will give in return

A man’s home is his castle and I’ll treat your castle like me own. Safe as Her Majesty’s tower it’ll be. Got kids? That’s fine with me. I’m down with the kids. I’m me own dog though – so if you take the biscuit I’ll show you what stubborn means. But let’s be reasonable about it – you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Luvly jubbly.

How big will I get?

We’d all like an extra inch here or there wouldn’t we, but I’ll settle at about 12in-14in (30cm-36cm). I grow outwards though so expect me to weigh about 55lb (25kg), a few pounds less than her indoors.

How long should I be around for?

English Bulldogs live to about 8 years on average.

How big is our litter?

Typically around 5-6 little English Bulldog nippers.

Famous owners?

Fred Durst, Calvin Coolidge, Truman Capote.

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