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About this site

About this site

Dogs are amazing! Loyal, of course. Affectionate. Intelligent and discriminatory – they intuitively recognise friend or foe. Mine know the difference between the noise of my car and any other car. They seldom discriminate on food, particularly if it involves bones or biscuits.

Above all, they truly get the concept of unconditional love. To test this, take your wife, husband or random family member (not children) and put them in the boot of your car, along with your dog. Leave them there overnight. The next morning, which one will be delighted to see you?!

There are lots of websites out there that focus on dogs. If this site succeeds then it will live up to its strap line – “the first site your dog would bookmark”. In its infancy right now, what it becomes will depend upon readers like you. Hopefully it will inform, entertain and in some small way influence you as a current or future dog owner. It may help you select your breed or it may give you an essential tip on how to care for your dog. Success will be giving you a reason to come back.


taken in Foel Farm

I should say a little about me, although I’m really not important in this – like an Alfred Hitchcock cameo in one of his films. My name’s Chris. I blog and go to the gym first thing in the morning. Manage a Business School by day. Walk my dogs in the evening. That’s me on the left, stroking a goat (not shown, out of respect to the goat).


A heinz 57

More importantly, on the right is Max. He’s probably a sheepdog/pointer cross but that’s far from certain. Max is obedient, extremely loyal but a little nervous around strangers, particularly men. He’s a rescue dog and has come one heck of a long way. I’d lose him a fair bit in the early days – his nervousness meant he would escape Houdini style, presumably to try and find me.

Nowadays he’s a lot more chilled, mainly due to his best friend Harley – my female Basset hound. She’s quite a few years younger than Max. No dog likes being alone and as Max spent most of the daytime on his own, he deserved better.

Basset hound

So Harley was bought to provide him some companionship. She’s a stereotypical Basset – sensitive, stubborn, incredibly greedy, a surprising mixture of energy and laziness. She’s a bit of a looker though and a real crowd pleaser on walks.

So that’s me and my dogs. Hopefully you’ll get attached to this site and one day share your dogs with me and other readers. They’re too fabulous to be kept a secret!