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In a nutshell:

Woof~Bed are Memory Foam dog beds, Simply the best nights sleep for your best friend !

With your dog spending up to 18 hours a day at rest, maintaining healthy joints is vital.

Woof~Bed is a memory foam dog bed that will give your dog all the comfort and support they need to stay fit and healthy.

What makes us special:

Why buy a memory foam Woof Bed? Comfort not compromise…
If our dogs could talk… Although our dogs may not be able to speak to us in our language, they still have their ways of telling us that they want the same things too. Jumping up onto the sofa? Sneaking onto our beds. We all see them do it but have we ever really stopped to ask why?
Given their choices, a dog will choose comfort over discomfort. Just like we would. However, they don’t understand things like getting older, wear and tear on joints. They’re not possessed with knowledge about things like memory foam and just how much it can help maintain healthy joints and avoid pain.

We can make a difference… The great news is that we do have that knowledge and we can choose to make a difference to the basic everyday quality of life of our dogs. So, when your dog lies on a Woof Bed, they may not know why it feels better, all they know is that it does.

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