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Top Dog Falkirk

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In a nutshell:

Top Dog Falkirk is a well established dog behaviourist service . Caroline is a qualified dog psychologist and a member of the U.K. Therapy Register, Caroline uses gentle correction techniques for all dog behaviour issues.Contact Caroline at Top Dog Falkirk to unleash your dogs potential

What makes us special:

Dog behaviour issues are always a concern , not all dogs “grow out of ” bad behaviour and sometimes when the owner tries to fix the situation the behaviour gets worse which leaves the owner and dog both frustrated.
A dog consultation looks at how your dog behaves then shows you gentle correction techniques and bounderies to give your dog of any age / breed to do every day and then re-visit for a progress visit 2-3 weeks later to see how things are coming along , if the techniques and bounderies are put in use every day there should be a vast improvement and a happy dog and owner as an end result.
Remember puppy behaviour is seen as “cute” when a dogs a puppy but not so “cute” when the dogs fully grown.Before it gets to the hard to handle stage contact Caroline at Top Dog Falkirk

Email address:
Telephone number: 07857148771

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