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King Charles Spaniel

Posted on Mar 2, 2013 by in Breeds by category, Breeds by name, I-L, Toy dogs | 0 comments

What's my history?

King Charles II of England is the guy responsible for my eminence in the dog world. Today the dog of choice for the Queen of England is the Corgi. In our day, we were down with the Royalty. If you don’t believe me take a look at all the paintings of the day – we were in loads of them!  And we’ve still got friends in high places today.

What do I look like?

If you think I look a touch miserable just remember us King Charles’ have seen a fair few beheadings over the year. Our most pronounced feature is probably our ears. If you have a bad hair once in a while, every day is a bit ear day for King Charles. They’re half way down to our feet and covered in unruly hair. Besides that we’re a pretty noble looking dog as befits the companion of a King.

What do I need from you?

Hair straighteners would be nice – but be careful, you could get reported to the dog warden if anyone sees you doing it. Seriously, I don’t need too much really – gentle exercise, light meals. Occasional reminding of my relevance to the dog world would be nice, we’ve fallen way down the pecking order since our aristocratic days.

What I will give in return

Well if you need a family portrait painting of regal proportions then I’m your dog! However to look truly authentic you may need to wear a red jacket and jodhpurs or be draped over a chez-long. I’ll be honest: I’m not much trouble. I’m very gentle and affectionate so if you just want a dog to chilled out to let onto the sofa, opt for me.

How big will I get?

Enormous! But then I wake up and see long scruffy ears and a cute little body. So expect me to scale about 10in (25cm) on the wall chart, even less for the lady King Charles. Weight is anything from 8lb – 14lb (3.5kg – 6.5kg).

How long should I be around for?

How big is our litter?

Famous owners?

Ronald Reagan; Frank Sinatra; Liv Tyler; Courtney Cox and David Arquette

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