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Hungarian Vizsla

Posted on Mar 24, 2013 by in Breeds by category, Breeds by name, G-H, Gun dogs | 0 comments

What's my history?

Some people know us as the Hungarian Pointer. We hail from the plains of central Hungary. Like many breeds we suffered badly due to the world wars of the 20th century. However, we survived and are now a well-loved gun-dog. Our particular strength is water. We’ve also achieved considerable show success in Britain and America.

What do I look like?

We’re the smallest of all pointer-retriever breeds; medium sized and typically a rustic gold. We look quite similar to a Rhodesian Ridgeback and also closely resemble the Weimaraner, except for the difference in colour. Our nose is brown and our eyes tone in well with our coat. The Hungarian Vizsla neck is moderately long and our back is short and muscular. Legs are long and powerful. Our coat is smooth, dense and glossy.

What do I need from you?

A typical Hungarian Vizsla will thrive on attention! We quickly form close bonds with our owners, children and even strangers. Often we are referred to as “velcro” dogs because of our loyalty and affection. Whenever we feel neglected or want something, we will cry. We also need regular exercise, and interaction. Proper socialisation and training will help to ensure our natural gentleness and warmth come to the surface. We are a relatively healthy dog so should be pretty trouble free throughout most of our life.

What I will give in return

We’re a great all-rounder! Lively, intelligent and reliable with lots of skills for the field. Away from our duties though, our personality shines through. We’re affectionate and protective of our home and family and adapt easily to various changes of circumstance.

How big will I get?

Expect a Hungarian Vizsla to grow to around 24in on average (60cm) and weigh in somewhere around 55lb (25kg).

How long should I be around for?

We live on average between 12 and 15 years.

How big is our litter?

Typical Hungarian Vizsla litter size is 6-8 puppies.

Famous owners?

Will Shriner – American game show host of dubious fame. C’mon it’s got to be better than Noel Edmonds!

Want us to live with you?

We’re currently recruiting breeders and adopters to go here. Could that be you?

Our own special community

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Disclaimer: the views expressed on this page and any comments below are only a guide to typical traits and views on the breed. Individual circumstance and traits will always vary so we can be in no way responsible for any of the information provided.


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