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Gordon Setter

Posted on Mar 24, 2013 by in Breeds by category, Breeds by name, G-H, Gun dogs | 0 comments

What's my history?

Well I suppose you’ve guessed that someone called Gordon has got something to do with my development. Gordon…could have been worse, but could have been a whole lot better – Brad or Finn would’ve been good. In fact it was the Duke of Gordon (first name Alexander), a rather talented Scottish gentleman and dog lover. He created the Gordon Setter breed in the 18th century.

What do I look like?

When you get over the Gordon bit, we’re a fabulous looking dog. Handsome and rugged, we come in just one colour – black and tan. Our markings are reasonably consistent across the breed – our paws, throat and muzzle tend to be tan and we have two tan spots over each eye. We’re a typical gundog with medium length ears and intelligent brown eyes. You could say we look like a giant King Charles Spaniel. We have legs that are strong and long, well boned and terminate in oval feet. Our tail is long and tapers the tip.

What do I need from you?

Our coat needs a bit of looking after to avoid it getting matted. Just a regular groom is fine – we don’t moult particularly. We’re a heavier and slower setter compared to our English and Irish counterparts. However we are still very much a gundog so love any excuse to get out and point/retrieve. We really need around an hour of exercise per day. As a breed, Gordon Setters particularly prone to an eye condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Around 50% of us are carriers and ultimately it will lead to blindness in old age. Sadly there is no treatment so if we develop it you will need to provide added care to us in later life.

What I will give in return

We make a wonderful, loyal pet and will give you few problems. Good with children and slightly reserved with strangers. However we are fairly slow to mature – often not reaching adulthood until about 3 years of age. Before then we can be naturally boisterous and cheeky. We are true to our heritage and make a great gundog – if that is what you would like us for. A typical Gordon Setter is pretty fearless and intelligent.

How big will I get?

We grow to around 26in (66cm) and weigh around 65lb (29kg).

How long should I be around for?

The lifespan of a Gordon Setter is typically 10-12 years.

How big is our litter?

8 puppies is about average.

Famous owners?

Does the Duke of Gordon count?! Thought not.

Want us to live with you?

We’re currently recruiting breeders and adopters to go here. Could that be you?

Our own special community

Be happy at the The Gay Gordon’s

Disclaimer: the views expressed on this page and any comments below are only a guide to typical traits and views on the breed. Individual circumstance and traits will always vary so we can be in no way responsible for any of the information provided.


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