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What's my history?

We’re of German origin, where the Dachs means ‘badger’ and of course hund means ‘dog’. Interestingly, we are not referred to as Dachshund in Germany, known instead as Dackel. Even more interestingly, we are the only certificated dog that hunts above and below ground! This in turn leads to one of the great debates in the canine world – are we a hound or a terrier? We probably descended from hounds, but a strong case can also be made for us being terriers – particularly the wire-haired type (see below). We certainly dig like terriers. In the most part, hound is given the benefit of the doubt, except for the FCI who just give us a category all of our own – charming!

What do I look like?

The uninitiated (and children) will take one look at our picture and shout “sausage dog!” Or if they are German, maybe “wiener hund!” Not much we can do about that really. Instead, we rise above this form of derision – granted we don’t rise very high, but that’s another matter. In our circle, we come in three coat types – smooth-haired, long-haired and wire-haired (they’re the ones with the beard!) We also come as miniature and standard (as defined by the Kennel Club). We have the typical hound pendant ears and yes, let’s say it, a very long body!

What do I need from you?

This really depends upon which type you get. If you go for the long-haired dachshund, then daily grooming would really help. Generally we need a reasonable amount of exercise – don’t be fooled by our body shape. We can walk and walk. We also need a reasonable amount of mental stimulation. Nothing too taxing, we won’t be helping you with your sudoku, but just a bit of fun or play time and maybe the opportunity to explore and sniff outside – we’re a hound after all (unless you believe the FCI).

What I will give in return

We’re a great watchdog and fiercely protective of our home and owners. So the crown jewels will be safer. We’re generally good with children – although probably the older the better as we do tend to get stood on quite easily, as we cover a lot of area despite our diminutive stature. We’re a pretty happy dog and will do our best to fill your house with joy and amusement. Be warned though – once on a scent, we’ve forgotten all about you! Oh and if you need any holes digging…?

How big will I get?

In our case, I think this question should be redundant. But as you’ve asked, standards are around 20cm (8in) and miniatures as small as 13cm (5in). This equates to around 11kg (24lb) or 5kg (11lb) in the miniature.

How long should I be around for?

We have a good life span history – typically 12-15 years.

How big is our litter?

Anything from 4 to 8 pups.

Famous owners?

Royalty in the ample form of Queen Victoria. Numerous actors & actresses – Rita Heyworth, John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Christian Slater. Two revolutionary artists – Picasso and Andy Warhol. More recently, amazing songstress Adele and Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan.

Want us to live with you?

We’re currently recruiting breeders and adopters to go here. Could that be you?

Our own special community


Disclaimer: the views expressed on this page and any comments below are only a guide to typical traits and views on the breed. Individual circumstance and traits will always vary so we can be in no way responsible for any of the information provided.


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