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Clumber Spaniel

Posted on Mar 24, 2013 by in Breeds by category, Breeds by name, C-F, Gun dogs | 0 comments

What's my history?

We’re an unusual breed of spaniel that was first created by crossing a type of spaniel with none other than a Basset hound. We were brought to Britain by a French duke at the beginning of the French Revolution and subsequently deposited with the Duke of Newcastle whose residence happened to be…Clumber Park! We have been recognised as a breed since the mid 1800s when we were introduced into the show ring. More recently we are regarded as a high-quality retriever and/or a loveable pet.

What do I look like?

When you first meet one of us the first thing you’ll be struck by is our size. We’re a dog that is big in stature – quite how, having been bred from a diminutive Basset I don’t know! Our expression borders on thoughtfulness and confusion. We’re trying to understand but just don’t quite get it. We move with a kind of rolling gait and have muscular loins and short legs (Basset again!). Facially we’re a dream with a massive head and broad skull with a square muzzle. Our tongue is often out which adds to our appeal. Our eyes are amber and slightly sunk whilst our ears are shaped like a vine-leaf and hang forward. Granted that doesn’t sound like a recipe for aesthetic excellence, but somehow we manage to pull it off.

What do I need from you?

‘Manyana’ describes us well. The Clumber Spaniel motto: Why do today what we can put off until tomorrow? If it looks like we’ve had a hard day then we’ve probably deceived you. A reasonable amount of walking, eating and attention suits us well. We’ve got a good nose (courtesy of you know who) and this means we appreciate a country walk for some exploration. Us Clumber Spaniels have minds of our own though so do keep an eye out that we haven’t wandered off if you let us off our leash. We have a trophy mentality meaning that we have an incessant need to carry something most of the time. Unfortunately this can often lead to health issues as we tend to ingest many of these items.

What I will give in return

Underneath the hair, tongue and confused expression lies an intelligent dog with lots to give. We like being around people and are good with children. Puppies are especially curious and playful.

How big will I get?

We grow to around 18in (46cm) but tip the scales at comparatively more – 55lb–70lb (25kg-32kg).

How long should I be around for?

Our lifespan is typically 10-12 years.

How big is our litter?

Litters are modest – anything from 2 to 8 but usually 4 / 5 Clumber spaniel pups.

Famous owners?

We can’t think of any – unless you can count the Duke of Newcastle?

Want us to live with you?

We’re currently recruiting breeders and adopters to go here. Could that be you?

Our own special community

Please join us at Clumber Rumba


Disclaimer: the views expressed on this page and any comments below are only a guide to typical traits and views on the breed. Individual circumstance and traits will always vary so we can be in no way responsible for any of the information provided.


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