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Bull Terrier

Posted on Jun 22, 2013 by in A-B, Breeds by category, Breeds by name, Terriers | 0 comments

What's my history?

My origin is Birmingham, England where I was crossed between a Bulldog and an English White Terrier. My Bull Terrier Club was formed in 1887. I’m a pretty unique looking dog but also have an unfortunate reputation for being a bit lively with other dogs. And I don’t just mean a bit of rough and tumble. Like in the human world, my reputation goes before me – most of us are as docile and easy going as the next four legged friend.

What do I look like?

What I guess a lot of you humans don’t know is that we get a lot of jibes from other, more ‘conventional’ looking dogs. You hear “woof, woof”, we hear “oi, egghead!” or “hey sheep-donkey features!”. So you see, much of our aggression is borne of ridicule. But to our owners, we are a pretty cool looking member of the family, that is strong and devilishly handsome.

What do I need from you?

Well I’ve been upfront with you about our ‘issues’ with other dogs. I guess a good firm handling from our owners is needed to keep us under control. We can also be a touch obstinate, so make sure you show us who is boss. Other than that, just the usual love and kindness that most dogs wish for.

What I will give in return

We love our owners and most human beings. However, we don’t like intruders or bad people and our instinct is to protect. We’re loyal and intelligent creatures underneath the tough looking exterior.

How big will I get?

Our typical height is probably around 18in (46cm). However for that 18in you get a whole lot of dog as we weigh in at about 72lb (33kg). If you’re wary of a hernia, don’t try lifting us!

We're in the news!

US fashion celebrity Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton’s head designer for many years) is out and about on the beach with his Bull Terrier – Neville

Want us to live with you?

We’re currently recruiting breeders and adopters to go here. Could that be you?

Our own special community


Disclaimer: the views expressed on this page and any comments below are only a guide to typical traits and views on the breed. Individual circumstance and traits will always vary so we can be in no way responsible for any of the information provided.


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