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Australian silky terrier

Posted on Mar 24, 2013 by in A-B, Breeds by category, Breeds by name, Terriers | 0 comments

What's my history?

G’day mate! My story dates all the way back to the early 19th century. Back in my homeland we were doing just fine with our own Australian terrier. Then some Poms put a few of their Yorkshire terriers on a boat and sent them over here – not the first time they’ve done that! Well whadda-ya-no, they only started breeding with our lot and before you can say ‘who won the Ashes’, you’ve got a whole new breed on your hands – the Australian silky terrier. Back in the days, we were affectionately known as the Sydney Silky – courtesy of the fact that’s where we were like, Sydney. What a great name that was – sounds like a nickname for an Aussie Ashes winning spin bowler! Anyways, our heritage doesn’t just rest in the Commonwealth don’t you know – we’ve landed in the U-S-of-A and those wide open spaces of Canada. Mighty popular we are too. Plenty of room to run around up there – not great barbie weather mind you…

What do I look like?

We look like the Pommy Yorkshire Terrier’s bigger and better looking cousin! Only joking all you Yorkie fans – they’re pretty cool too. The first thing you’ll notice is we are kinda silky. I mean they wouldn’t call us that if weren’t now, would they? We have a bit of a fringe thing going on too – topknot I think they call it. Then our hair parts right the way down our back to form like a pair of curtains. You may notice we get a bit of ribbing from some of those lesser dog breeds. That’s due to our ears. They’re kind of V-shaped and erect. Always listening you see. What are we listening out for you ask? The boats of course – in case those pesky Brits are sending over another flamin’ breed for our benefit. Knowing our luck it’ll be some wire-haired mutt and all our silkiness will be disappearin’ forever!

What do I need from you?

Well, right now a DVD of our 5-0 drubbing of the Poms would be nice! Had I mentioned the Ashes yet? No, OK. Well naturally with locks this good, we’re gonna need a fair bit of hand action with the old scissors and comb. Regular shampooing too – at least once a week I’d say. Oh and a trip to the groomer once in a while. Us Australian silky terriers are a bit susceptible to teeth and gum problems – so watch out for that. We love playing ball. Not a cricket ball sadly – more of a plastic one. We’re pretty good at catching – as you can see from your sports channel! Lastly, throw me another prawn on the barbie, would ya?!

What I will give in return

Well historically we were used to kill rodents and snakes. I’m guessing you don’t need so much of that these days? Well instead you can always just put us on your knee and stroke our smooth silky coat. Alternatively I’m great at diggin’ holes – so if you need any landscaping work doing? Mainly we’ll just be your mate and sit there wiv-ya and watch the tele – as long as its sport.

How big will I get?

We’re not the biggest mate, but don’t hold that against us. Maybe around 23cm (9in). A typical Australian silky terrier will weigh in at about 4kg which is 9lb in old money.

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